Welcome to the Assessors’ Pages of The Association of Midlands Energy Professionals

The Association of Midlands Energy Professionals is a group of Midlands based Energy Professionals, including Domestic, Commercial, Air Conditioning and DEC assessors and other specialists. We seek to improve the skill levels and professional standards of those engaged in the delivery of assessments and reports which are designed to save you energy and money. This is not a commercial organisation, but an assessors’ group run by assessors on a voluntary basis. Our members work to improve domestic and commercial compliance and energy efficiency of the Midlands, and we work to support them with a growing range of professional services.

Since the group was founded, we have forged links with major manufacturers and suppliers including Worcester Bosch, Jewson Greenworks, Thorlux Lighting and a range of installers of energy efficient solutions.

The training we run for our members has been recognised throughout the energy assessment sector as being of a very high standard.

As part of our role in working for our members and for the communities of the Midlands we serve, we have set up a database which allows members of the public to search for those assessors providing the skills they require. We hope that you find this facility useful, and you can be confident that the MEP logo is a badge of quality, assuring you that the assessor you choose will be competent, highly skilled and above all, professional.