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Robin-Evans-smallMEP Chair Rob Evans writes out first Blog

Welcome to the MEP website and our first Blog. This is what I’m sure will be the first blog of many, since the Blog gives all members a chance to ‘sound off’ on topics that interest, concern, irritate or intrigue us – and no doubt there are plenty of all of those!

I am writing this in the heat of summer when thoughts turn to taking a well earned break and re-charging batteries. However, as anyone in the Energy Assessment industry knows, the chance to take a break can be a difficult one to predict, given the ever changing policies that seem to be non-stop from the government, and in particular from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

As usual the housing market continues to amaze, dependent of course upon where you live and work, and who you believe in terms of all the statistics on house building, house prices, home ownership, economic growth, etc. But fortunately there do finally appear to be some signs of consistency at the moment in the building and selling of property, which after the last few years is certainly welcome. Dare I say, even the Green Deal seems to have taken admin, if only on the back of RHI!

So talking of growth and development, thank you for joining MEP, which is both growing its membership and developing an ever wider range of member services. I hope it meets your expectations. Either way, please continue to make your views and ideas known. As with any organisation it is only as good as its members wish it to be.

Please do not just sit back thinking of an idea or concern that you may have without saying anything. It’s more than likely that another MEP member will have had that experience too, and is just waiting to share it, or has an idea that needs taking forward in a wider context, or a problem with their accreditation body that requires our support.

Enjoy what’s left of the summer weather, and your holidays if you have any coming up, and I hope to see as many of you as possible at the next MEP meeting in September!

Rob Evans
MEP Chair

Is there a topic that you want to share with members? Non-libellous blog items will be welcomed by MEP Secretary Michael Steward at